musandm trip

Book Full Day Dibba Musandam Oman Trip

It is more than just a trip

Package Include

  • Oman Entry Permit
  • 5-6 hours Dhow Cruise
  • Professional tour guide
  • Snacks & foods
  • Recorded instrumental music in the Dhow
  • Water Sports Activities
  • Snorkeling kits
  • Life jackets
  • Latest Vehicle with Chauffeur
  • Round transport (If booked)
  • Dedicated Dressing & Changing Room

Food Menu

  • Mandi & White Rice
  • Macaroni
  • Hummus
  • Mothabil
  • Mix Vegetable Curry
  • Dal Fry
  • Chicken Fry & Curry
  • Sausage
  • Salads
  • Hot Sauce
  • Ketchup
  • Mayonaise


  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Kayking
  • Speedboat Blasting At “haffa Beach” / “sanat Beach “
  • Will Drop To Beach Area For Fun Activities.
  • Photo Section
  • Banana Ride
  • Cave Visit
  • Whitestone Visit
  • Gorilla Rock Visit
  • Fishing

Snack & Refreshment Drinks

  • Drink
  • Juice
  • Tea & Cofee
  • Dates
  • Biscuits
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Orange
  • Soft drinks
  • Pepsi/Miranda/Coke
  • Cup Water

Musandam Tour Package Required Documents

When booking Musandam Oman tour, ensure you've prepared following documents.

UAE Residents

Passport copy (Must carry original on trip day)
Residency visa copy.

UAE Visa Holders

Passport copy (Must carry original on trip day)
Visit visa copy.

UAE visit visa hodels can book Musandam Dibba tour and RETURN TO UAE as NO entry stamp will be imposed on passport and visa.

Price & Pick up Points


The price from our following points for sharing-based transportation is 180 AED per head if minimum two person including one UAE residents. This price includes a full-day cruise with all activities, round-trip transportation, launch, and an Oman entry permit (so-called OMAN visa). Self-drive to Oman’s Dibba port costs 149/person.

During Eid Days from 15th June to 20the June, Price will be 200 per adult and child between 4 to below 10 year, AED 120 with transport. 


  • Spinny’s Burjuman (Behind mcdonald’s)
  • Al Qusais (Dubai Grand Hotel)
  • Deria  City Center (Day to Day)

Note: We can pick you up from your residence or hotel in Dubai. However, depending on the spot, expect to pay an additional 25 to 50 AED per person. You can also book a private transfer from Dubai to Oman for 650 AED for up to 7 persons. If you book private transportation from Dubai, you pay the self-drive cruise cost.


  • Safari Mall
  • Saudi Mosque
  • Abu Shagarah Park.

Note: Occasionally, but not always, we are able to pick you up from your residence or hotel in Sharjah at the same price if you have at least 12 people. As an alternative, you can also book private transport for up to 7 people for 600 AED. Obviously, you will pay the self-drive fee for the cruise if you book private transportation from Sharjah.


  • Fujairah City *

Note: A minimum of 4 people are required to share a ride from Fujairah City for 800 AED. Private transportation to Oman from Fujairah costs 500 AED EXCLUDE 150 DH per person for the cruise.

Abu Dhabi

  • Safeer Mall Shabia

Note: We will private pick up up to 4 people from your Abu Dhabi location for 1600 AED. Sometimes we offer sharing from the points above for 295 aed. Otherwise, you can come to IBNe Battua Metro Station and get a per person 250 aed deal but you must arrange for two people . All options include sharing cruise.

Ras al Khaimah

  • Sheikh Khalifa Hospital (RAK Exit)

Note: If you book private transportation or if there are at least 10 people in your group, we can pick you up from your hotel in Ras Al Khaimah.


  • Adnoc Petrol Station (Emirates Road Tasjeel)


  • Diba al Hisn Boarder

Please note: If you plan on coming by yourself, you must first arrive at the Diba al Hisn Border. As soon as you arrive, you’ll get your Oman entry permit from one of our staff members. Afterwards, you can cross the border with your own car and travel to the cruise point that’s located about a two-minute drive from the Dibba al Hisn border. If you do not own the car, ensure you have an NOC letter with you. Also, the Oman police MIGHT ask for Oman car insurance so bring it.

Muandam Tour Itinerary

Pick Up:

Our meeting places are listed above. You must meet at one of these locations if you have not booked a pickup from home/hotel or self-drive to Oman. One of our drivers will meet you and accompany you to the port when you arrive at your selected point. In most cases it doesn’t take more than two hours to reach the Dibba port from Dubai. Please be aware that you may be transported in an air-conditioned bus or van with other guests, depending on availability. Don’t forget to carry your original passport as it’s required for checkpoint clearance.


If you intend to drive yourself to port, upon reaching the Dibba al-Hisn border, you will be given an entry permit for Oman. Then, in order to reach Dabba port, you must cross the border in your own vehicle. While the Oman coastal department does not generally check Oman insurance at this border, it is a wise idea to ask your insurance agent. If it supports it, get the relevant documentation. By default, most UAE insurance companies cover Oman insurance. Do not forget to obtain a NOC (No Objection Certificate) if the car is not in your ownership. Be sure to arrive at the border by 9:30 am.

Border Crossing:

As soon as you reach the Dibba al-Hisn border, you’ll receive your Oman entry permit from us. Next, one of the police officers will check your information against your original passport. So, remember to bring your original documents with you as you will need to show them for checkpoint clearance.

Moreover, if you are a UAE resident, you need to bring your UAE visa/Emirates ID. If you’re traveling on a UAE visit visa, make sure you have a copy of your visa. In case you do not have an UAE visa but rather a stamp on your passport like Western citizens, your original passport is acceptable for the Dibba-all-hisn border crossing.

Even though a 3-month passport and visa validity is not required at the Dibba border, your documents need to be valid and have at least two days remaining on their expiration date.

Additionally, do not under any circumstances carry any alcohol with you unless you want to get into legal trouble. In this area, it is categorically prohibited.

dibba al hisn border

Get On Cruise:

Upon arrival at the port, you will be transferred to our Dhow cruise. Now you can rehydrate yourself by consuming beverages like coffee, juice, water, etc. After a while, our cruise will proceed in the direction of HAFFA BEACH or “SANAT BEACH.” The journey to get there take roughly an hour.

Our well-maintained double-deck traditional style large Dhow cruise can carry over 100 passengers and will pass Hajar mountain, which covers approximately 500 square kilometers.

Additionally, during the trip you’ll see a fishermen’s village or Sakhi village. Almost all of the villagers are fishermen as Musandam is known as one of the primary fishery lands of Oman.

Musandam Dibba Dhow cruise

Arrival at the Beach:

Upon arriving at the beach, you will be offered water-based fun activities such as snorkeling and kayaking. A blasting speed boat and a banana boat ride as well. In addition, you can also swim in the deep cold Gulf ocean. Aside from that, there is a photo section.

musandam snorkeling

Launch at Cruise:

After the exciting activities, you can return to your dhow cruise and have a great continental style buffet lunch on board. You will not be charged any additional fees because everything is included in the package. Then, we head over for fishing and the limestone (White Rock) visit.

musandam cruise food
musandam cruise food
musandam cruise food

Fishing & Cave Visit.

When you’ve finished with your lunch, we will depart toward the WHITESTONE area. On the way, we will do some fishing. Upon reaching the WHITESTONE area, we will take you to GORILLA ROCK and a cave visit. The Musandam Dibba tour concludes around 4 p.m. Prepare to board your bus and make your trip to Dubai. You’ll be safely back home by 7:30 p.m.

musandam fishing
limestone cave

Musandam Tour Package Terms & Conditions

We request you before booking Musandam Oman tour, ensure you're obeying following terms.

Please be aware that UAE residents must send a copy of their passport and a visa minimum of at least 2 days prior to the tour in order to obtain the Oman entry pass. The border pass, once prepared, will remain at the Dibba checkpoint and will only be handed over on the trip day.
If you’re UAE tourist Visa holders, you can book this Musandam dibba trip even within a day. We will process your Oman Border crossing permit within 24 hours.
When going to the Oman Musandam tour, everyone has to carry their valid original passport and visa copies.
If you’re booking the Musandam Oman tour without transport, ensure you have a valid OMAN car insurance to cross the boarder.
Vegetarian option is available, please advise at time of booking if needed.
Children who are under the age of 4 are FREE. Those who are between 4-10 years will be billed 60% against the price. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

If you cancel your booking within 2 days (7~days if PUBLIC HOLIDAYS like National holidays, Eid and New Year booking) or NO Show for ANY REASON, full tour cost will be requested and no NO refund will be Issued.

How to Book Musandam Tour Package?

If you wish to book Musandam Oman tour, please email us at : or fill below form.

    Whether you’re here on a tourist visa or residing in the UAE, it serves as an excellent point that lets you offer numerous choices of fun trips. Not only are day trips by air from Dubai and other parts of the UAE convenient, but also because of friendly border relations with Oman, there are a few great options for those seeking a memorable day trip from the UAE to Oman by road. One of the most enjoyable day trips from the UAE to Oman is the Musandam Dibba tour. It takes only a 2-hour drive from Dubai to Musanam Oman, making it one of Dubai’s cheapest, easiest and most popular overseas day trip destinations.

    Besides fun-based activities, our mandam tour package includes a delicious and nutritious dinner with BBQ and snacks. You should be able to refill yourself during the whole trip as fresh fruits and soft drinks are available throughout the trip. Given the fact that every month hundreds of tourists visit Musandam Dibba from Dubai, it is certain that you will love this particular trip. Aside from impressive beaches, the Musandam dibba region is endowed with Hijar mountains, which make it a magnificent area.For those seeking a phenomenal addition to their minds, the Musandam Oman dhow cruise is a unique adventure experience.

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    Don’t you think these are interesting things that you can do to make your Middle East superior? Do remember to book your Musandam tour package with a tour operator who allows you to get the most of your trip. Apart from the flawless scenery, there are additional exciting activities in this prime tourist destination. This may include snorkeling, a speed boat ride, banana rides, conventional hand-line fishing and more. Our Oman Musandam trip food menu is also delicious and mouth-watering.

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